Followspot Hire

Followspot hire (also called a spotlight) with or without trained  operators from 1kw tungsten through to 4kw Xenon. We are always happy to  advise on lantern suitability.


Our specialist  service is available nationwide

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Followspot Repairs

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From dimmers and ballasts to lamp holders, knobs and lenses our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to repair and refurbish any type of followspot. We have the ability to re-deisgn and repair all types of ballast in our own workshops and we also have the facility to modernise and convert older equipment to run modern equivalent lamps and controls where required....... is a specialist branch of West Country based EVENT SERVICES  (SW) LTD, aimed at providing users of followspots with the specialist  technical back up often lacking from other service suppliers. Our specialist  engineers have both professional experience in using and maintaining many  types and makes of followspots, with an in depth understanding of optics and  the electrical systems used to ignite discharge and arc equipment.

Also commonly known and called spotlights,

Follow Spot Sales

Looking for a new or used followspot?? At Event Services we can provide you with the correct lantern for your needs. If you're looking for new or used equipment we can help. We have no specific manufacture ties which allows us to offer you the equipment you require not what we have sat on the shelf. With over 20 years in the trade our friendly sales team have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions.

Other Services.

We also offer training for followspot operators on a group or one  to one basis. Training includes how to set up and carry out routine  maintenance, sighting your target and learning to anticipate target moves.  We believe that followspotting is a skill that is often undervalued in our  industry and believe in the promotion of professional followspot  operators.